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11 February 2011 @ 10:29 pm
Comic Book - 01/26/11

There IS a Waldemar Daninsky comic book guys, in umm, real life.

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10 November 2010 @ 11:04 pm
 Got some updates for all those out there in Naschy-Land!

The Man Who Say Frankenstein Cry

As it can be seen in his home letter box, Jacinto Molina was two people at the same time. On one hand, he was the furrier’s son from Postas street in Madrid and the young man who almost went to Rome and Tokyo Olympic Games.On the other hand, Paul Naschy, the myth who signed autographs for hours in New York and Los Angeles and the one who received a call from Steven Spielberg asking him for copies of his films.

Hosted by the american director and screenwriter Mick Garris (Masters of Horror, The Stand, The Shining), THE MAN WHO SAW FRANKENSTEIN CRY revises the career of both aspects, intermingling them in order to explain how Paul Naschy figure would have never existed without the thousands of anecdotes that make up Jacinto Molina’s biography. For this, part of his personal photographic archive was recovered and essential places of his life will be visited, as for example the town of Mazcuerras in Cantabria, where he lived during some years of the Spanish Civil War, or Burgos, where part of his imaginary was moulded, imaginary that was expressed in his cinema, and also it’s the place where he is buried nowadays; or his own house where he received fake bomb parcels from extreme right ideology supporters for being part of films such as Comando Txikia or El Francotirador.At the same time, cinema friends as Joe Dante, John Landis, Jordi Grau or Nacho Cerdá talk about their experiences with Naschy and dissect his career, telling anecdotes and less known periods of the filmmaker’s life.

THE MAN WHO SAW FRANKENSTEIN CRY, apart from a large amount of photographic material and private recordings of Paul Naschy’s life, includes clips and extracts of the following films: Night of the Werewolf; The Mark of the Wolfman aka Frankenstein's Bloody Terror; The beast and the magic sword; Night of the Howling Beast; The Mummy's Revenge; El caminante; Inquisition; Panic Beats; El último Kamikaze; Cannibal Killers - Human Beast; Night of the Werewolf; House of Psychotic Women; Exorcism; A Dragonfly for Each Corpse; Hunchback of the Morgue; Horror Rises from the Tomb; Rojo Sangre; Curse of the Devil aka Return of the Werewolf; Vengeance of the Zombies; The Valdemar Heritage; The Forbidden Shadow; O Apóstolo.

Produced by Scifiworld Entertainment, the publishers of the fantastic cinema leader magazine in Spain, in collaboration with La Cruzada Entertainment and Waldemar Media, THE MAN WHO SAW FRANKENSTEIN CRY was premiered in the International Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges 2010, one of the most important European film festivals related to fantastic cinema.


MAD MAD MAD MAD MOVIES is hosting a Naschython!
Naschy Blogathon

Naschy Blogathon: November 29-December 3
Hello parishioners and subjects! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, and are even now recovering from overindulgences in candy, booze, and whatever other vices you use to fend off the killing drudgery of day-to-day life. And here's an FYI: should any Law Enforcement officers, local or Federal, ask if you have any information about a silver-masked luchadore performing frog splashes off the hoods of cars on unsuspecting Trick or Treaters, I was with you--got me? :)

Now that the busiest of busy months in the Vicarage and Duchy is receding in the rearview, hopefully regular posting will resume. But more importantly than that, here's some news you can use: the Duke and I are sponsoring our first ever blogathon, in honor of the late great Spanish horror icon and patron saint of our blog, Paul Naschy! We're currently looking for bloggers, poets, artists, songwriters, interpretive dancers, and other creative types who'd like to participate. A few people have already expressed interest, and we're hoping for many, many more.

Think you might have the right stuff? Peep the details below, rinse out your eyeballs, and get those typing fingers ready!

The Naschy Blogathon will take place November 29 to December 3, 2010.

Interested parties PLEASE contact us at vicarofvhs@gmail.com or via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/vicarofvhs to express your interest!

The way it works: sometime during the aforementioned time period, post something Naschy-related on your blog and let us know about it. I will publish a list of links daily to direct blogathon readers to your sites. Posts can be reviews of movies, personal essays, poetry, songs, original art, lists, photo essays, or just about anything else so long as it's got a Naschy tie-in. Be creative!

The Duke and I will also be celebrating Naschy during that week, with new reviews and content for casual readers and hardcore Naschy-files alike.

Don't have a blog but still want to participate? That's great! Just send us whatever you want posted (using the above email) and we'll put it right here on MMMMMovies, crediting you as guest author!

You've got about 4 weeks to prepare, so get cracking, people! And stay tuned for more Movie Madness!

The Vicar
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10 November 2010 @ 10:51 pm

Five things you can reach from where you're sitting.

1. A cup of coffee
2. A book, Rites of Ragnarok
3. My notes for the above book
4. A candle stick
5. The fireplace poker

Four things you've had, but lost.

1. My Humanity lost to the curse of werewolfry
2. My Son who was killed by my wife
3. My Wife who I killed for both murdering our son and becoming a vampiress
4. My horse. It is so hard to train a horse to accept a werewolf rider. He was killed by one of the villagers while I was away.

Three things you want to obtain.

1. The Silver Cross of the Menza Chalice
2. Publishing for my book.
3. A car that wont break down as soon as I drive it near the village.

Two things you've give to someone else.

1. My castle, should they grant me peace.
2. My life, which I would gladly give for love.

One thing that you'd die to keep.

1. The continued safety and existence of those I love.
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05 October 2010 @ 08:42 pm
I've created an RSS FEED over at my personal journal to keep up with Naschy Cast (they also cover EuroHorror and Little Known Titles) ... check em out. bloody_rod 


A spoiler free Naschycast? How is that even possible? Well…...it’s complicated. October brings podcast number nine (number nine) focusing on our first 80s film from Mr. Molina. Described by Nashcy as “a howl of anguish, a painful catharsis which finally liberated me from long repressed phobias and obsessions” HOWL OF THE DEVIL is a harsh stab of cinema violence directed at his critics and his own alleged failings and comes on like the meanest version of horror that he could muster. A fascinating film and full blooded in its depiction of human cruelty it serves as a fascinating look back at Naschy’s career up to that point and a dark goodbye to that fertile period as well. An essential film if a deeply flawed one.

As HOWL OF THE DEVIL is a hard to find title we’ve decided to be as careful as we could in our discussion so others can discover the many surprises it holds. This is a film with a lot to say even if sometimes what it says might not be pleasant or kind.

Download from HERE and Please let us know what you think at naschycast@gmail.com

Other Links: Check em out at iTunes, Podcast Alley, The Naschy Forums, and of course the blog, Bloody Pit Of Rod
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11 September 2010 @ 08:40 pm
Prompt From : charloft 
Two songs “Transform” and “Alive” from Jekyll and Hyde the Musical
Word Count (minus song lyrics) 372

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He stood near the rental car with most of his being wanting to abandon this errand and return to his castle and it's isolation. The moon was not due to be full for weeks and he had intended on staying in the city just long enough to catch up to the modern world, something slightly more important to him than a book. Would he let an English song shake him?
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08 September 2010 @ 12:45 am
Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?

Eternal life? I would not recommend it.  The longer you live the harder it becomes. Not only do you watch those you love die, your entire civilization fade into nothing... these things are well known in popular fiction as hazards of immortality.  I mean that it is much harder, as time goes by, to simply remember the date. The days whirl past faster and faster,  names and faces cannot always be reconciled. I fear that at times I am going quite mad. I can more easily recall the past century than I can the past week.
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07 September 2010 @ 11:23 pm
If you were given the chance, what one thing would you tell the entire world?

"Someday my reign will end and you will rule, you, the anti-Christ."

This is not a statement of condemnation. Rather it is a reflective comment on my own existence.  I want you to question your own expectations for the world.
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22 June 2010 @ 02:22 am
There's a Documentary in the works on Senor Molina!
Mark of Naschy Main Page

The Spanish horror/sci-fi/fantasy magazine SciFi World is producing a documentary on Paul Naschy titled;

The director of the documentary is Naschy's Spanish biographer, Angel Agudo. The production will film in Spain, England and the United States, with interviews with Caroline Munro (who starred with Naschy in HOWL OF THE DEVIL), John Landis, and others.

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25 April 2010 @ 11:41 pm
RP Sunday: The Intelligent Life ...Is Us
Apr. 25th, 2010 at 2:29 AM

Tonight, you have made the historic first contact. But with who, or what? Aliens? Lost tribes of humans? Hyper-advanced mold?

Tell us how it happens, where, when. Tell us what you happened to be wearing, if you like -- nobody expects to meet an alien when they are having a day off from work, after all!

Please include the 'rp' tag in in addition to your normal journal tag.

Word Count: 452
Prompt From: charloft 
Cannon Info: La Bestia y la Espada Magica/The Beast and the Magic Sword ; #10 in the Daninsky Saga

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

When he came to the first things he noticed were the blood and the smells.

The blood and gore clinging to him was sadly not out of the normal. Most likely some poor fool had decided to remove the Silver Cross embedded in his heart on the night of the full moon and he had returned the favor of restoring him to consciousness by slaughtering and devouring them. How many people had he killed this time? Why couldn't the world simply leave him in his grave? He may not have been dead, merely locked in some dormant, frozen state, but that was no reason to restore him.

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23 April 2010 @ 09:35 pm
4.19.10 - PROMPT SET # 130.4.

Ficlet: It's spring, and thoughts are once more turning to the outdoors and romance. Write a fic dealing with one or both of these themes.

Word count: 322
Prompt From: writers_muses 

Spring had com early to the little valley. While the villagers below appeared to awake to the sun's warmth, as if from hibernation, the Old Werewolf had been there all along. Not even the bitter cold of chest deep snow could freeze him. At least not while he was so near to his castle. Not after the many decades he had spent hiding in the Moorish cave, far south of here. The snow had melted away and the breeze now carried the sent of early blooming flowers and pollen. The trees around him sighed slowly as they too woke to the touch of the sun. As the trees were unfolding their leaves he could almost hear their tired voices coming to life once more. Slowly, week by week, the song birds returned to the valley.

He sighed and continued his hikes with little interruption. Sometimes hunting deer, turkey, or boar for food, most of the time he was simply making his rounds. Checking to see how far the old monastery had deteriorated. Assuring himself that Elisa's tomb remained undisturbed by either the changing seasons, or looters. Those fools he so often pitied, occasionally battled. Most of the villagers were superstitious and easily frightened. They feared his mountain and the ruins on it. Some managed to overcome their fear with the aid of the old story of treasures buried in the old cemetery. As if those old monks would have allowed such a thing! He did not know where the tale had come from, but he did know it had led more than one self styled Dr. Jones into slavery at the hands of his vampire wife.

In such a pristine forest in so early a spring's month it was not uncommon to find Waldemar outdoors, should anyone ever think to look for him, wandering the trails. Hiking his woods in such weather was the closest he would allow himself to being happy.
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